Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Only Appropriate Goal for Russians is to Outlive Putin, Inozemtsev Says

Paul Goble
            Staunton, August 26 – All talk about whether to boycott elections or vote in some “intelligent” way ignores the fact that “there are no politics in present-day Russia,” that the current system will end only with the passing of Vladimir Putin, and that the only appropriate strategy is to pursue personal goals and seek to outlive him, Vladislav Inozemtsev says.

            In a Facebook post, the Russian economist says many appear to have forgotten that “under conditions of an authoritarian dictatorship, one’s attitudes toward elections whatever they are cannot change the essence and character of the regime just as the results of ‘elections’ cannot change it” (, reposted at

            Even a boycott can hardly be considered “a correct strategy,” Inozemtsev continues, “since it presupposes a political act,” something that isn’t possible under the dictatorship.  In fact, “the only adequate attitude toward what is happening is not alienation but indifference, and the only correct strategy is the pursuit of personal and not social goals.”

            According to the commentator, “the present-day Russian regime not only is personalist,” it is one in which “only the completion of the earthly path of the leader, an outcome which” Inozemtsev says he is “in no way calling for” can lead to the end of the system.”

            “Therefore, the strategy of all those dissatisfied with the current state of things must naturally be formed out of thousands of identical individual strategies subordinate to only one goal: outliving V.V. Putin. Everything that helps achieve this goal is rational.” Everything else is irrelevant.

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