Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Situation with Police Better in Ingushetia than in Moscow, Milshteyn Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, August 27 – The fact that some police in Ingushetia tried to prevent violence at a demonstration rather than incite it and that the powers that be are now trying to convict them of disobeying orders by doing so shows that the situation in that North Caucasus republic is better than in Moscow where it is impossible to imagine such things, Ilya Milshteyn says.

            The Moscow commentator says that “in Magas, where family ties are strong, the defenders of public order don’t attack people as this would contradict local customs, but in Moscow where the bosses fight with such prejudices, no one is a relative to anyone else (

            During a protest meeting in Ingushetia last March, the local police “stood between those taking part in the meeting and fighters of the Russian Guard, OMON and SOBR who had come into the republic.” By so doing, Milshteyn says, the Ingush policemen saved “both their own and the outsiders” from an outbreak of violence.

            “The Ingush defenders of order calmed the protesters and were concerned about the well-being of the special troops which had been sent in – and for this the Ingush policemen were dismissed and now they may be put in prison,” he continues – unlike their Moscow counterparts who did not try to calm the situation but made it worse and face no penalties for doing so.

            Indeed, he says, in “the very contemporary city” of Moscow, it is impossible to imagine that “a group of policemen, having reached agreement in advance, would stand up as a living wall in front of the cosmonauts somewhere on Trubnaya or alongside the Pushkin statue and not permit mass beatings.”

            Meanwhile, there were three other Ingushetia-related developments in the past 24 hours:

·         Ingush investigators have dropped charges against Zelimkhan Tomov and Magomed Zdoyev that they represent a danger for the lives of police and other representatives of the powers that be. The investigators said there is insufficient evidence to convict them of that. Other, lesser charges remain in place (

·         The Ingush Popular Assembly announced that it would consider the possibility of retiring Isa Archakov, the body’s most senior member. It did not give a reason but it may be that the authorities are trying to ensure that they have a workable majority in place there (

Magomed Khazbiyev who was released from prison at the end of July after serving part of his 35-month sentence for drug possession and slandering Yunus-Bek Yevkurov says he will file a second appeal with the European Court for Human Rights against those charges which he says are totally invented and political (

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