Saturday, August 24, 2019

Russia’s Present Rulers Will Soon Be Forced to Decide Whether to Shoot People, Gennady Gudkov Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, August 23 – Russia’s current rulers because they believe that they need not follow any rules but can repress the population in increasingly violent ways in order to survive are soon going to be forced to decide whether to shoot people, opposition politician Gennady Gurkov says.

            Today, the forces of the regime feel that they can do anything, he says, “even shoot all those detained and arrested in the basement of the Lubyanka under cover of the sounds of motors.” But that feeling is only “for the time being,” he says “because no one will forget or give you” (

            “A war with the people always ends with the victory of the people. You don’t want to listen to hundreds of thousands of people peacefully coming into the streets?” Gudkov say. “Fine, the people will find other means of presenting to you its point of view.”  You may think you can stop this, but in time, you will be proved wrong.

            “You are fanning the flames of civil conflicts,” he says.  “You yourselves are the chief revolutionaries and inspirers of radical protests. It is you … [who are] the enemies of stability and the rule of law in Russia.”

            “But time is working against You,” Gudkov says. Your resources are exhausted and you no longer are in a position to “give Russian anything besides problems, crises, and the slow death of everything by which until not long ago the country lived.”  And now “you are leading Russia toward a bloody scenario, to numerous victims and the disintegration of the State.”

            “Believe me,” Gudkov says, “very soon you will have to decide whether to shoot at the people or not.  Judging from the ruling insanity in your ranks, the answer to this question is obvious: you WILL HAVE TO SHOOT AT THE PEOPLE because you no longer see any other means of preserving the political power you have seized.”

            What will follow upon that, the opposition politician says, is something that you should be very much aware of. “Having sowed the wind, you will reap the whirlwind! The people does not want to tolerate for long the power of thieving occupiers who have ravaged the Russian state and led it to its next geopolitical catastrophe.”

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