Monday, March 14, 2022

Moscow Must Plan for Prolonged Russian Military Occupation of Ukraine to ‘De-Nazify” that Country, Sedov Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Mar. 10 – Even though Ukrainians continue to heroically resist Russian aggression and even though some Western analysts are even predicting that Putin’s invasion will be defeated, some Russian writers either out of conviction or because they feel they must say so are now talking about what Moscow will have to do after its military victory.

            Their visions are truly horrific because they suggest that Moscow is planning for a complete and long military occupation, something that not only gives Ukrainians additional reasons for resisting but ensures that any such Russian occupation forces will face serious resistance until they leave.

            One particularly clear example of such Russian thinking is provided by Dmitry Sedov, a Russian commentator for the nationalist/imperialist Strategic Culture Foundation. He argues that the defeat of the Ukrainian military will not end the Russian military’s task in Ukrainebecause the Ukrainians cannot be counted on to “de-Nazify” their country on their own.

Only a prolonged and tough-minded Russian military occupation of some length can do that given that “the de-Nazification of Ukraine cannot be handed over to the defeated side” (

            According to Sedov, “the first goal of the operation, the de-militarization of Ukraine, will be achieved in the coming weeks.” The Ukrainian army will no longer exist as an organized force, and its command structures will be broken apart and “demoralized.” But that will not end even the military challenge, as “nationalist formations” supported by Ukrainians will still exist.

            Moscow has still not issued “official declarations” concerning how the process of the reconstruction of Ukraine is to take place, the Russian writer says. But those who think that this task can be handed over to the Ukrainians are wrong. If that approach were to be tried, “neo-Nazi forces again would take control over society.”

            Consequently, Russian military and government forces must now, in parallel with “the liberation of Ukraine,” begin the process of “de-Nazification.” And they must be prepared to remain there in that capacity for a long time to come because the Ukrainians cannot be counted on to do this themselves.

            The identification and rooting out and punishing “Nazi criminals” in Ukraine “should be carried out through joint organs with the participation of the Russian military administration and according to a new Criminal Code of Ukraine,” steps that will require Russia to remain “for a certain period” and to “purge” the republic.

            “No one, except for Russian military forces, is in a position to cope with nationalist band formations and the Western network of agents. And this means that “the new Ukraine” will have to be subject for a long time to Russian military “assistance” in order to overcome the rule of its own “Nazis” and their foreign sponsors.

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