Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Neo-Pagans Behind ‘Completely Religious’ Ukrainian Cult that Calls for Killing Muscovites , Silantyev Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Mar. 17 – Roman Silantyev, notorious for his close ties to the FSB and the Orthodox Church and for his hyperbolic attacks on Muslim figures, says that in Ukraine today, neo-pagans are setting the weather in politics by promoting “the completely religious cult of hatred of ‘Moskaly,’” a cult, he says, already has a fully developed set of rituals.

            Just like in Hitler’s Third Reich, he continues in an interview with the Interfax news agency, “the majority of the population of Ukraine considers itself Christian; but the problem is that neo-pagans in both places began to seriously influence politics and set the vector of development (interfax-religion.ru/?act=interview&div=548).

            Silantyev says that this neo-pagan cult calls for “completely destroying” all Muscovites wherever in t he world they live, and adds that “the Jews assert that if someone constantly calls for killing you, then he will certainly try to. And in that event, it is better to strike out against him first.”

According to the specialist on religious affairs, the traditional religions of Russia have overwhelmingly reacted properly to the military campaign in Ukraine, while the non-traditional ones have not, something that he argues should lead the Russian government to take measures to ban the latter.

And he suggests that things will improve when “religious brands of American origin – the Mormons, Krishnaites, satanists, and a number of others begin to leave the Russian market,” just as their commercial counterparts have, a possible indication that these groups are about to be targeted by the state the way the Jehovah’s Witnesses have been in recent times.

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