Wednesday, September 21, 2022

World Peace Impossible as Long as Russian Remains a Single State, Forum of Free Peoples of Post-Russia Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Aug. 23 – As long as Russia remains a single state run from a single imperial center, “it will enslave its own citizens and by all kinds of actions (including military ones), it will threaten all its neighbors and world peace,” according to the Forum of Free Peoples of Post-Russia.

            That must be recognized by everyone both in Russia and outside its current borders, the Forum says; but it is also critical to recognize that the ongoing disintegration of Russia must be “controlled” and involve denuclearization, massive aid, and lustration lest it spin out of control and lead to tragedies of a similar kind (

            Moreover, the international community must recognize that managing the de-colonization of the Russian Federation will benefit not only the enslaved peoples of Russia, not only Russia’s neighbors but also the ethnic Russian people themselves and most importantly the world as a whole. It will thus be “a real win-win for all sides.”

            And such work in the case of the Russian Federation will have yet another benefit: it will provide an important precedent for other countries, such as China or Turkey, which may be thinking about becoming empires. They will be constrained by the actions of the international community in Russia.

            It is important to understand that China, for example, is far more likely to move in a more imperialist direction if the demise of the Russian state proceeds slowly and under no one’s control than if it is arranged quickly and with an eye to ensuring that the post-Russian states will be strong and democratic.

            To this end, the Forum says, “the international coalition must support to the maximum degree possible all health and constructive movements of the indigenous peoples and regionalists in the present-day Russian Federation” and the integration of most if not all of them into the democratic world.

And, it would be well if that coalition would “refuse to have or reduce to a minimum contacts with the Moscow-centric imperial (pseudo) liberal (pseudo) opposition to Putin and to the fully controlled De-Colonization of the Russian Federation and its transformation into 20 to 40 free states and their further Reconstruction.”

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