Sunday, October 30, 2022

Putin Seeking New World Order like One Hitler Tried to Impose but was Blocked from Creating, Skobov Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Oct. 29 – Vladimir Putin and his supporters like Dmitry Medvedev are seeking to impose a new order on the world, one like that which Hitler tried and failed to do but only because he was blocked by a coalition of countries who saw the danger and were prepared to fight against it, according to Aleksandr Skobov.

            That world as both Putin and Medvedev have said, the Moscow commentator continues, is one in which “any country has the right to defend its priority interests on the territory of another by full-scale military actions if it has reason to do so” and if it has the power to act in tht way (

            The basis for such actions, Medvedev said only this past week, can include even suspicions that its own citizens or co-ethnics are not being treated as it wants, that the government of that neighboring country is behaving in ways it doesn’t approve, or that the territory of that state is being used in some way by enemies of Russia.

            “Of course,” Skobov says, “Medvedev was careful” not to point out the obvious that this is exactly the view Hitler had and acted upon. Putin when he engaged in historical essay writing several years ago came closer when he noted that World War II happened because “flabby ‘bourgeois democracies’ tried to ‘hobble a strong-willed leader and state.”

            The current Kremlin leader didn’t name names either, but it is obvious whom he like Medvedev admires and even models himself upon. Putin and his team believe that today they represent “the strong-willed leader” and that as a result, they can “dictate their will to everyone else.”

            They “can break the lives of millions of people in neighboring countries, forcing some to flee and leaving others without power, heat or water. They can seek to forcibly assimilate them, taking away children from this country and placing them in new families for ‘re-education.’ And most importantly, [they believe they have the right] to kill unlimited numbers.”

            “As Medvedev writes,” Skobov observes, “international norms, the UN Charter, the results of World War II are acceptable for this state only to the extent that they don’t contradict its arbitrarily defined interests.” Western leaders are beginning to recognize the parallel with Hitler although they aren’t ready to say the name.

            But it is more important that they recognize something else, Skobov concludes. In the case of Hitler, “the world did not allow the establishment” of Hitler’s world order. And they need to realize that if they don’t want to live in an updated version of that order imposed by Putin, they need to come together as well to stop him.

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