Saturday, October 22, 2022

‘Russia has Lost the War in Ukraine but Ukraine has Not Yet Won,’ Ayvazovskaya Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Oct. 20 – Echoing the argument of Polish commentator Adam Michnik (, Ukrainian activist and commentator Olga Ayvazovskaya says that “Russia has lost the war in Ukraine” but continues to fight and so must acknowledge that “Ukraine has not won,” at least not yet.

            She says Russian forces “steal our lives physically and mentally … They steal our youth as our energy is now focused on survival rather than development. They steal our dignity … They even steal our emotions because if you do feel good, you cannot share it lest you hurt someone else” (

            Meanwhile, Ayvazovskaya continues, “Russian society is silent and broken even in exile … critical thinking in it is at zero as is an understanding of causal relationships. Russian mothers curse Ukraine rather than their own ruler for the dead soldiers who came to kill us in our homes.”

            “Of all the resources people have, time and lives are the most non-renewable,” she says. “We lose every day. Warriors who give up their lives, babies not born because a drone flew right into the bed of a young couple who protected their baby in the womb and hid it in their arms from death.”

            “I don’t want revenge,” Ayvazovskaya says. But “I crave justice incredibly strongly. And if God doesn’t care abut all this, then we will have to achieve it, even if everyone is against us,” struggling until Russia not only loses but recognizes its loss and Ukraine in victory can return to normal life.

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