Wednesday, December 28, 2022

  West Seeking to Use Central Asian Women to Promote Regime Change in Their Countries, ‘Rhythm of Eurasia’ Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Dec. 27 – Almost a century ago and despairing about organizing a social and political revolution in Central Asia, a region without an industrial proletariat, the Bolsheviks chose to use women as their shock troops, an effort brilliantly described in Gregory Massell’s classic study, The Surrogate Proletariat.

            Now, inspired by the prominent involvement of women in recent protests around the world, observers for Rhythm of Eurasia say, American and British officials have taken a page from the Bolshevik playbook and are seeking to use Central Asian women to promote regime change ( and

            The two commentators, Marat Nurgozhayev from Turkmenistan and Rustam Masaliyev from Tajikistan, however, do not so much describe what the US and the UK are doing, including such things as training sessions promoting equal rights, as attack what they see as the deployment of radical feminism to attack traditional societies anvd their rulers.

            Their remarks undoubtedly are welcomed by the rulers and traditional male-dominated societies in those two countries and in the Russian Federation, but what they are doing is likely going to encourage the rulers in Ashgabat and Dushanbe to continue to repress women now that two Moscow-linked analysts have said the West is using women against them.

            This is just one of the serious ways in which Vladimir Putin’s commitment to traditional values is having a negative impact far beyond the borders of the Russian Federation. And it is welcoming news that US and UK officials are challenging it in Central Asia even if they have not been in a position to take similar actions in Russia itself.  

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