Monday, March 6, 2023

If Russians Cease Believing Putin’s Promises, First Change the Promises and then Change the People, Some Say

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Mar. 4 – If Russians cease to believe Putin’s promises, the first thing that should happen is to change the promises; but if that doesn’t work, then the only thing left is to change the people, according to the latest anecdote circulating in Moscow that is offered the latest collection by Tatyana Pushkaryova (

            Among the best of the rest are the following:

·       A new survey on how Russians react to goods offered beyond their expiration date: 67 percent say they will buy them anyway while only 28 percent say they won’t have them ever. This is a clear indication how they will vote in the presidential elections in 2024 and 2030 for that matter.

·       Putin opened a new metro line in Moscow but he hasn’t done so in other Russian cities which don’t have them yet another indication that Moscow and Russia are not the same country.

·       The Wagner PMC is opening a new camp for children who can be trained to be soldiers. Russians used to call these places prison colonies for youths.

·       Oligarch Deripaska says something must be done because he will run out of money next year, forgetting that most Russians have already run out of money this one.

·       The Ukrainian terrorists who invaded Bryansk oblast are truly insidious: they raised prices for apples and also the prices of communal services for good measure.

·       Do you see martial law anywhere in Russia? No, Russians say; but it is there.

·       The old Soviet slogan “Aren’t you ashamed?” isn’t used much anymore, but there is a crying need for its revival.

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