Monday, March 27, 2023

Putin and His Regime have Same Underlying Goals Hitler and the Nazis Did, Skobov Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Mar. 26 – Putin puts people in jail because they call his war in Ukraine a war rather than a special military operation, just one more example of why it is critically important to call things by their right name in order to be in a position to recognize how dangerous they are and how they can be defeated, Aleksandr Skobov says.

            If one does this at a global level, the Russian commentator says, one can easily see that Putin and his regime have the same basic goals Hitler and the Nazis did and that the Kremlin now really views Euro-Atlantic civilization as its “existential enemy” that it must defeat or be defeated  by (

            Putin shares with Hitler several core believes which put both of them at odds with the democratic West: a belief that the world is a place of eternal struggle for dominance, a disregard for law, the denial of equality of peoples and countries and a willingness to deny subjecthood to some, and a lack of belief in democracy, a system both view as manipulated by the plutocracy.

            Like Hitler, Putin has imposed on society this view “with the help of a gigantic propagandistic machine” which exploits the Versailles syndrome both countries suffered from as well as the radical conservative ideas from the nineteenth century that stress the uniqueness of German society for Hitler and the Russian one for Putin.

            Again like Hitler, Putin uses the powers of the state to repress any disagreement and to try to overturn the international order so that the Russian leader today like the German one nearly a century ago can try to impose his rules on the world so that he can dominate it, Skobov continues.

            According to the Russian commentator, “the Putin regime really considers Euro-Atlantic civilization as its existential enemy,” just as Hitler viewed Britain and the other democracies as his. All this means that it is entirely appropriate to “call Putin’s regime Nazi like and Vladimir Putin the new Hitler.”

            To be sure, Skobov says, “Putinist Nazis has been modified and adapted to the conditions of the post-industrial era. But its essence is the very same.”

            “The contemporary world order,” he continues, “was set up by those who defeated Hitler. It is based on the view that Hitler’s system was an absolute evil and that his system must never be allowed to return. Today, however, there is a war over the world order,” Skobov says; and to successfully prosecute that war, “the threat must be recognized and named.”


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