Tuesday, March 21, 2023

More than One Current Russian Governor in Three Served in Soviet or Russian Military

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Mar. 17 – There has been much speculation in the Moscow commentariat that military service in Ukraine may be an important path upward for ambitious Russian officials and that among the first posts such veterans are likely to be given will be those of the heads of the more than 80 federal subjects.

            The 7x7 portal which focuses on regional news decided to try to identify how large a component military veterans already form among the governors. It reports that there are “a minimum of 30” or slightly more than one-third (semnasem.org/articles/2023/03/17/armiya-gubernatorov-kto-iz-glav-regionov-sluzhil-i-gotovy-li-oni-otpravyatsya-v-ukrainu).

            The news service provides sketches of some of these governors and notes that two of the governors – Oleg Khorokhordin of the Altai Republic and Aleksandr Osipov of Trans-Baikal Kray, and Sergey Tsivilyov of Kemerovo Oblast –served in Ukraine but not in the current campaign and that Sergey Tsivilyov of Kemerovo Oblast didn’t serve there – he was an officer in the Northern Fleet – but is a native of Ukraine’s Mariopol.

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