Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Moscow Promoting Ever More Military Programs for Ever Younger School-Age Groups

 Paul Goble

            Staunton, Mar. 25 – In a sign that the Putin regime is preparing for the militarization of Russian society over the long haul, schools across the Russian Federation are introducing ever more military training programs for ever younger school-age groups, including kindergarteners, Milan Czerny reports.

            The journalist for The Insider surveys this trend which is all the more striking because in many countries governments and populations are focused on getting guns out of the schools rather than into them and offering programs to encourage young people to solve their problems without violence (

            The Russian government and especially the defense ministry have promoted this trend, Czerny says, providing weapons and personnel to train children in shooting and other military arts. But in at least some cases, the schools have sought to overfulfil the plan and introduced more expansive programs at an ever earlier age.

            Most Russian educators and psychologists see this development as both appropriate and safe, but some international experts question that, arguing that by normalizing violence, the Russian approach risks making violence more widespread in Russian society if children decide that using force to resolve all problems is appropriate.

            If that happens, these experts say, then the problems ahead for Russian society are dire indeed.

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