Tuesday, November 21, 2023

New Russian Novel Details How Effort to Prolong Putin’s Life to 120 Led to a Zombie Apocalypse in Moscow

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Nov. 20 – Vladimir Putin would clearly like to live as long as possible and, according to a new Russian-language novel, Moscow researchers have been working to come up with a serum that will allow him to do so. But as with so many things Russians try, the plan goes awry and ends with a zombie apocalypse.

            The novel, entitled The Mouse, was written by telegram and podcast host Ivan Filippov and has been published abroad as an e-book by the Freedom Letters publishing house established by Georgy Urushadze earlier this year to publish works that couldn’t possibly appear in Russia now. For details and to order a copy, go to freedomletters.org/books/mysh.

            In the novel, a mouse is accidentally infected by the serum which the Moscow Institute of Functional Immortality is preparing for Putin and then escapes. That leads to the deaths of most Muscovites, and among the few who survive, most turn into zombies. The book’s heroes are those who try to escape from this apocalypse.

            The Meduza portal provides a 1500-word except of Filippov’s novel that tells this story in remarkable detail. It can be found at meduza.io/feature/2023/11/19/hotya-by-do-120-let-vladimir-vladimirovich-dozhit-by-ochen-hotel).

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