Sunday, November 26, 2023

Tatars Fear Moscow’s Plan to Ban Borrowings from Foreign Languages to Be Used Against Non-Russian Nations within Russia

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Nov. 24 – Ayrat Zaripov, head of the nationalities committee of Tatarstan’s State Council, says that Duma proposals to ban the borrowing by Russians of words from other languages will be used against those spoken by indigenous nationalities of the Russian Federation. As a result, he and other State Council members are seeking to amend the measure.

            Zaripov says he has no problem with efforts to limit borrowings from languages spoken in other countries but fears that the draft measure as written will open the way to further pressure against the languages of indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation such as his own Tatar nation (

            Russian Duma deputy Yelena Yampolskays says here is no reason for these concerns because the rights of the languages of the peoples of the Russian Federation are defended by the constitution and laws of the country and thus no one could possibly use the draft law banning the use of foreign words against them (

            But as Tatar activist Ruslan Aysin, who now lives in Turkey, says, there is no reason to trust her words, especially on the subject of language use by non-Russians which has been so politicized by the Putin regime (

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