Thursday, November 23, 2023

Putin Pardons Russian Satanist-Cannibal for His Service in Ukraine

Paul Goble

            Staunton. Nov. 21 – In a move that some may see as highly symbolic, Vladimir Putin has pardoned Nikolay Ogolobyak, a satanist and cannibal who was convicted of those crimes and supposed to remain in prison until 2030, after the latter served in the Russian military in Ukraine where he was seriously wounded and qualified for Kremlin mercy.

            Putin’s actions have been widely reported both by both offical and independent media  ( and, as have the actions of newly pardoned satanist and cannival that landed him behind bars after a trial in 2008 (

            Fifteen years ago, Oglobyak joined a satanist group which killed four young people, dismembered their bodies and then ate some of their organs. The fact that the Russian military would take such people into its ranks and then pardon them has disturbed many in Russia and elsewhere (

            And the fact that ever more such “former” criminals are now returning home and may soon gain easier access to weapons is especially frightening to Russians who will now have them as neighbors ( and

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