Tuesday, May 21, 2019

In Ingushetia, Mothers, Wives and Sisters Pledge to Fight for Rights of Relatives under Arrest

Paul Goble

            Staunton, May 20 – The female relatives of Ingush activists under arrest have pledged to work together to defend the rights of the activists, yet another indication that repression in that North Caucasus republic is not calming the situation but involving new groups in the protests (fortanga.org/2019/05/materi-zhyony-i-sestry-zaklyuchennyh-po-delu-o-mitinge-v-magase-zayavili-o-gotovnosti-borotsya-za-prava-svoih-rodnyh/).

            They are forming a Patriotic Union of the Women of Ingushetia to do so, a group that will seek to find “legal opportunities for the resolution of social and legal issues of the prisoners” and provide support for their families, hold common iftars, and help inform the community and the world about what is happening in Ingushetia via social networks.

            Meanwhile, arrests continue, with the siloviki in some cases confiscating Arabic language materials as supposed evidence of opposition to Yunus-Bek Yevkurov (kavkaz-uzel.eu/articles/335665/), and ever more court cases providing evidence that there is no reason for the Ingush to trust the Russian FSB (zamanho.com/?p=7996).

            Yevkurov for his part held a meeting devoted to nationality relations in Ingushetia and said he would seek to promote “constructive dialogue” between the powers that be and the institutions of civil society, a commitment he has done little to meet over the last several years (zamanho.com/?p=8008).

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