Sunday, July 24, 2022

70 Percent of LGBTs in Perm have Thought about Emigrating Since Putin’s War in Ukraine Began

Paul Goble                                             

            Staunton, July 1 – Seventy percent of LGBT people in Perm Kray say that they have thought about emigrating since Vladimir Putin launched his major invasion of Ukraine on February 24th and a third say they are seriously worried that they will now be attacked in the streets, according to a Rainbow World poll.

            Yuliya Babintseva, leader of Perm’s Rainbow World organization, says that it would be a mistake to extend the specific figures from her region to the rest of Russia because the country is so varied; but the general pattern of increasing homophobic behavior and fear in the LGBT community holds (

            If anything, she says, the situation may be even worse beyond the borders of Perm Kray because in her region at least there is an active LGBT community which stands ready to provide assistance to its members and to go public about attacks on gay rights. Where there are no such groups, conditions are likely worse.

            Her organization surveyed 75 LGBT people in Perm and found that “almost 90 percent” say that conditions have seriously worsened for them since the start of Putin’s “special military operation” in Ukraine. Many fear for their jobs or even their lives, and the number turning to the Rainbow World group for help has doubled since February 24.

            Babintseva says that she personally hopes for an easing of the situation over time and says that she has no plans to emigrate. She is convinced that the work she is doing is helping all LGBT people.

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