Sunday, July 17, 2022

Those who Really Care about Russia Need to Stop Thinking about the Abstract Country and Focus on the Real People who Live in It, Palash Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, June 25 – People must stop focusing on an abstract Russia, “its mission, historic paths, and tragic fates” and instead give their attention to concrete residents of the country, Rossiyane not Russkiye, “because in our country live a multiplicity of nationalities, Aryom Palash says.

            The St. Petersburg Orthodox writer says that those who care about the future must think about the people and their fates past and present rather than about some abstract country. If they do, then things like imperialism, great power chauvinism and patriotism, fascism, and militarism will quickly dissipate (

            Putin and Putinism which can only talk about the abstract and ignores the concrete will lose its attractiveness, Palash continues; “and the influence of state propaganda will weaken.” People will focus on what concerns them most: their standard of living, their families, and their possibilities.

            All those around Putin think only about Russia but not about Russians, but Russians think about how to live. And both they and those who are concerned about them need to recognize that reality because without the people “there is no Russia, and there is no Motherland. Because Russia is above all people, the Rossiyane, us.”

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