Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Cossacks of Ukraine Vanguard of All Cossacks in the Struggle for the Restoration of Cossackia, Dyomin Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, July 22 – Cossackia, a country that has been on the map of the world longer than Russia and whose people have fought for freedom along with others, now has a chance to reemerge from its submersion in a Russian world that has consistently misled it and tried by means up to an including genocide to destroy it, Vyacheslav Dyomin says.

            In a 14,000-word article for the Free Nations League, the Cossack activist traces the complex history of the Cossacks and their land, providing citations from neglected sources about his people and their lands and concludes that today, the Cossacks of Ukraine are the vanguard of all Cossacks in the struggle for the restoration of Cossackia (  

            That means that the Cossacks now stand alongside the Ukrainians against the Russian imperialist state and are part of the front of free peoples inside the Russian Federation that Kyiv seeks to lead, a front including not only the Ukrainian “wedges” spread across Russia but also non-Russians who share the values of freedom and democracy Ukrainians and Cossacks promote but that Russia opposes.

            For background on Cossackia, an idea often dismissed by those who uncritically accept the Russian version of their history but which now is again on the rise, see

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