Sunday, August 21, 2022

Erzyan Émigré Leader Calls on West to Launch Satellite TV Broadcasts to Non-Russian Nations within Current Borders of Russian Federation

Paul Goble

            Staunton, July 26 – Syres Bolyaen, a leader of the Erzyan nation in emigration, told the League of Free Nations meeting in Prague this week that the West should launch satellite television broadcasts to his nation and to other captive nations within the current borders of the Russian Federation.

            He said he would like to see news broadcasts via Internet television for all the major nationality groups of the North Caucasus, Idel-Ural, in their national languages and on the model of what the Poles have done with Belsat. Only Western governments have the enormous resources to do so (

            Bolyaen also called for the expansion of contacts by current members of the League of Free Nations to include the Ukrainians, “as they are playing the leading role in the struggle with tyranny,” Belarusians, who are already de facto a captive nation of Russia, and the Kazakhs, because “Kazakhstan is an important geopolitical player for Idel-Ural.”

            Other speakers at the Prague meeting seconded his words, Some like Bashkir leader Ruslan Gabbasov also called on the West to provide expanded education opportunities for non-Russians in American and European universities so as to lay the foundations for new and independent-minded elites.

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