Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Putin Regime has Three Basic Ideas, All Taken from Leningrad’s Back Alleys and the KGB’s Torture Chambers, Eidman Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Nov. 23 – Too much ink has been spilled trying to identify the intellectual influences on Putin and his camarilla, Igor Eidman says. In fact, these influences are not books and articles but rather the experiences their leader and his team had in Leningrad’s back alleys in their youth and the KGB’s torture chambers a little later.

            According to the Russian commentator, three ideas stand out: First, “a Hottentot morality” which maintains that the weak are always b eaten and the strong are always right. For its adepts, “there is no other morality and there cannot be. All arguments about democracy, international law, and human rights are a bluff designed to weaken the enemy.”

            Second, “delusions of persecution.” Putinists believe that the West is the eternal enemy because it wants to “deprive us of power so that it rather than us can rule our tribe and plunder it … and they also want to make our children homosexuals so they can fuck the tribe not only morally but physically” (

            And third, “delusions of grandeur.” “The West destroyed the USSR by taking advantage of the weakness of Soviet leaders but we are strong, will restore a great power and dominate wherever Russian tsars and general secretaries ruled. This is our jungle and only we have the right to rule here.”

            Because of this last belief, Eidman says, the Putinists believe that “the West cannot stop us. They are weaklings and perverts. Their world is in decline and our time has come. We will be the most powerful in the world.”

            It should be obvious, he concludes, that there is no possibility of agreeing about anything with the believers “in such ‘an ideology.’ Only people in white coats can calm them down and they will have to be armed with more than syringes and pills.”

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