Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Putin is the New Hitler and the Only Way to Stop Him is the Way the Old Hitler Was, Skobov Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Feb. 11 – Vladimir Putin is the new Hitler who believes the use of force to annex other countries is legitimate, a violation of the international order set up after the old Hitler was defeated, Aleksandr Skobov says. And this new Hitler can be stopped only in the same way the old Hitler was and not by the mechanisms of the order he has left in ruins.

            As all too many are now inclined to forget, “the moral taboo on the justification of Hitler and his policies were part of the Yalta-Potsdam world order” and no political leader could violate that taboo without suffering moral opprobrium, the Russian commentator says (

            But Putin, first in words and then in action, has violated that taboo, something many Western leaders prefer to downplay or ignore, fearful of the recognition of what Putin is about and what responsibilities that places on them to try to rebuild the system that the Kremlin leader, like Hitler, is committed to destroying, Skobov continues.

            These leaders do not want to admit that “there is no way out of today’s global crisis in the existing world order within its own ‘constitutional’ framework” because “the restrictions set up by this world order have been overthrown and no longer apply.” Consequently, those who want to restore that order “must show their will and use military force against its violator and traitor.”

            Skobov says bluntly that “civilization must stop burying its head in the sand and recognize that it is confronted by a new Hitler.” And it must further recognize that “the only way to get rid of him is the same way international civilization got rid of the old Hitler. Awareness of this tragic reality is a prerequisite for the survival of civilization itself.”

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