Sunday, July 8, 2018

Something New for Russians -- Open Conflicts in the Ruling Party, ‘Forbidden Opinion’ Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, July 7 – The recent string of unpopular decisions by Vladimir Putin and the Russian government are rapidly driving down the standing of both among Russians, and experts say that by August, the Kremlin leader will have the lowest approval rating he has ever had since coming to office, the “Forbidden Opinion” Telegram channel says.

            As a result, “a process, absolutely normal and customary for democratic states but entirely unknown to domestic residents in Russia” -- the appearance of open tensions within the ruling party, spontaneously and not on order as at some points in the past, the channel says (

            The Kremlin has tried to crack the whip by ordering the members of the ruling party to discuss the pension reform according to a script, but some of them are now replying: Who do you think you are?  “We here are the ruling parties! We here are the power!”  That anger has changed their relations with both the powers and the people.

            Some of its member are even taking positions that resemble those who took part in the “He’s Not Our Tsar” demonstrations.  “They are criticizing the reforms. They are cursing Putin (!)” And he hasn’t had to deal with this ever before. Is he thinking about shooting these “’revolting’ boyars?”
            “As is being said,” “Forbidden Opinion” says, “while Kadyrov is with us, the entire country is under us” however much people or members of United Russia object. 

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