Monday, August 31, 2020

Kadyrov Sets Up Special Agency to Work with Chechens Abroad

Paul Goble

            Staunton, August 29 – Ramzan Kadyrov who is better known for his murderous attacks on his Chechen opponents in other countries has set up an Agency for Ties with Compatriots to try to mobilize this diaspora in support of his regime by providing legal assistance and language training ( and

            Clearly modelled on Vladimir Putin’s similar organization for work with ethnic Russians and Russian speakers outside of the Russian Federation, the Chechen variant will give Grozny a plausible reason for dispatching his agents to diaspora centers where they are likely to seek to win support and attack the anti-Kadyrov forces.

            The possibilities for mischief and much worse by Kadyrov’s people are great given the size of the Chechen diaspora: There are now approximately 200,000 Chechens in Europe, and another 150,000 in the Middle East, in addition to smaller centers in the US and other countries.  The head of the agency is Akhmed Dudayev, Kadyrov’s new press and information minister.

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