Thursday, July 6, 2023

Graduates in Ingushetia Given Diplomas Only If They Sign or Refuse to Sign a Summons to Russian Draft Offices

Paul Goble

            Staunton, July 3 – In yet another example of the ways in which Moscow is seeking to boost recruitment to the military and get more troops for Putin’s war in Ukraine, higher educational institutions in Ingushetia are now giving their graduates diplomas only after they sign or refuse to sign a summons to the military commissariats which conduct the draft.

            This practice, reported by the independent Fortanga news agency, does not involve a real choice, of course, as those who refuse to sign are subject to heavy fines or even jail time. And as the news agency puts it, “to receive a summons means that you need to join the army” (

            Kaloy Akhilgov, a lawyer in that North Caucasus republic, says that this practice is in a gray area as educational institutions cannot issue summonses to draft agencies but under existing law, they can serve them if the summonses are prepared by the military and then handed over to them.

            The ABN portal reports that this practice has been extended to Tyva “and other national republics.” In Tyva, it reports these subpoenas are called “combat” documents. But it provides no sources for this additional claim (

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