Thursday, July 13, 2023

Putin hasn’t Managed to Get Ukraine into NATO Yet but He’s Made Its Future Entry Easier, Russians Say

Paul Goble

            Staunton, July 12 – Vladimir Putin has succeeded in pushing Finland and Sweden into NATO. He’s so far failed to do the same for Ukraine. But at least Kyiv can take pleasure in the fact that the Kremlin leader continues to help it as well, Russians say. After all, as Vilnius showed, Ukraine will become a member via a simpler procedure thanks to him.

            That is just one of the new Russian anecdotes Moscow journalist Tatyana Puskhkaryova has posted online ( Among the best of the rest are the following:

·       Duma leaders who want deputies to ride only in Lada and Volgas don’t face a real problem from the fact that the latter aren’t produced anymore. All that is needed is to put a Volga nameplate on any Chinese car.

·       The West doesn’t understand that Putin isn’t unique among Russians: he’s just like half the cab drivers in Moscow who when they see weakness, press forward and create deadly problems on the streets.

·       The Oryol Oblast government has decided to create its own territorial defense units even though it doesn’t border Ukraine. Clearly, the authorities there are thinking ahead.

·       NATO has a vested interest in the existence of Russia. If there were no Russia, there wouldn’t be billions for dfense.

·       The Kremlin says that providing security guarantees encroaches on Russia’s security, a claim that is like one from a rapist who says that providing women with pepper spray, the authorities are encroaching on my freedom and safety.

·       Because people are now speaking of an epidemic of hatred for Putin sweeping around the world, the Kremlin is preparing a vaccination against such a disease in Russia’s case. If Putin’s support falls below 82 percent, doctors will prescribe it for good health.


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