Sunday, August 13, 2023

Russia Faces ‘Tajikification’ Unless Officials Stop Giving Citizenship to Tajiks, Mironov Says

 Paul Goble

            Staunton, Aug. 7 – Over the past three years, the percentage of Tajiks among those granted Russian citizenship has risen from 12 percent to 42 percent, as Moscow tries to solve its domestic demographic difficulties by taking in and giving citizenship to people from other countries.

            But this effort to solve one problem is creating another, Sergey Mironov, the head of the Just Russia-For Truth Party says, because it threatens the ethnic unity of the Russian Federation and even “the Tajikification of Russia” (

            “Yes, the population of Russia is declining,” Mironov says; “but it is reckless to solve one problem while creating another. Or do we not care what is behind the growth of migration and the kind of citizens we get? It seems that everyone agrees the country needs highly qualified personnel who are close to us in culture, language and mentality and who share our values.”

            “But in fact,” he continues, “we are getting people from Tajikistan who with all due respect don’t.” To stop what he sees as a threat to Russian identity, Mironov calls for imposing far stricter controls on granting citizenship to people from Tajikistan and Central Asia and even imposing criminal sanctions of immigration officials who fail to impose standards.

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