Sunday, August 20, 2023

Ukrainians Really are Different than Russians: They Believe They can Defeat Putin, Some Russians Say

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Aug. 16 – As Putin’s war against Ukraine drags on, Russians are increasingly reflecting on something the Kremlin leader doesn’t want them to: the numerous ways Ukrainians are fundamentally different than Russians. One of those ways is captured in an anecdote now circulating in Russia.

            According to this story, Ukrainians really are different from Russians: they believe that they can defeat Putin, a possibility that Russians gave up for themselves some time ago. This anecdote is among those collected by Moscow journalist Tatyana Pushkaryova ( Among the best of her latest are the following;

·       Since Russian stores now sell milk not by the liter but by 859 ml, Russians want to know why Russian banks can’t improve the exchange rate by quoting the dollar as if it had 87 cents?

·       Russians believe that the Kremlin will spend 300 billion rubles on a new operating system for their i-phones; they just don’t believe that this will happen by 2027 when officials say the new system will be ready.

·       Two things are clearly eternal: the rotting of the West and the rise of the ruble against the dollar.

·       The new Putin man is clearly the missing link between the apes and human beings.

·       Given Lukashenka’s role in ending the Prigozhin rising, some Russians say he is a Santa Claus who can magically give everyone everything they want.

·       No Russian should complain that rising mortgage rates put housing out of reach. After all, if you have no life, you need no place to live it.

·       Daghestani officials are now telling the population there that all the problems the people in that North Caucasus republic are the work of Ukrainian terrorists.

·       After the defense ministry said one of the main goals of Putin’s war in Ukraine is to recover Russian POWs, Russians are saying that it is now clear that the main task of the fighting is to come up with new chief goals for the special military operation.

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