Saturday, August 19, 2023

Russians Say Putin Should have Known to Build a Tunnel to Crimea, Not a Bridge

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Aug. 14 – Had Vladimir Putin thought through his actions in Ukraine – but he is too busy to do that, Russians say – he would have realized that he should have built a tunnel to Crimea not a bridge as tunnels are far more difficult to destroy than bridges, according to the latest anecdote going round in Moscow.

            Other anecdotes Russians are telling one another just now that have been assembled by Moscow journalist Tatyana Pushkaryova ( include the following:

·       Russians can now find out exactly what their salary is in dollars. All they have to do is drop the last two zeros in the Russian number now that the ruble has declined to below 100 to the dollar. But that method may not last as the ruble continues its slide.

·       The Russian Central Bank admits that a ruble is now worth one US cent but insists that its spiritual value is much higher than the smallest unit of American currency.

·       Putin has bid 100 US dollars for the Nobel Peace Prize in economics; but he’ll have to up the ante if he is to win.

·       Russian demands that the UN Security Council condemn the West’s supply of weaponry to Ukraine resemble nothing so much as a demand by a mentally ill man that he is not insane but that the orderlies who tied him to the bed for trying to bite his neighbors are.

·       A major reason why Russians are less afraid of nuclear war than many people is that such a conflict will kill their elites but not lead to much of a serious deterioration in the lives of most.

·       When Russians are asked if they like clowns, they reply by asking which clowns the questioner is asking about, those in the circus or those in the Kremlin.

·       A patriot who never served in the military caught a goldfish who promised him anything if he released the fish back into the water. The man says he wants to become a hero of Russia. The goldfish leaves him with two grenades next to five Ukrainian tanks but doesn’t tell him how to pull the pin.

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