Thursday, March 7, 2024

Astrologers Advise Russians Not to Give in to Calm but Remain Panic-Stricken

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Mar. 4 – Moscow astrologers are urging Russians not to give in to calm but rather to remain panic-stricken, an attitude that better reflects the situation that they increasingly find themselves in Putin’s Russia as his war in Ukraine continues, some Russians are reportedly telling each other.

            This is only one of the anecdotes now circulating in Russia that have been collected and posted on line by Moscow journalist Tatyana Pushkaryova ( The best of the rest include the following:

·       The number of Russians who attended Navalny’s funeral is not only remarkable for the capital of the Reich at the height of war but most importantly, it gives everyone some hope for change.

·       Everything Putin is promising to do in the next six years could have been done over the last two decades. The question has to be asked: why didn’t he do that?

·       The Russian justice ministry has declared the International LGBT Social Movement an extremist organization, and so it is likely it will soon find LGBT central committees and all the other elements of the old CPSU.

·       85 percent of Russians say Putin has a clear plan for the development of Russia, but no one, including Putin, can say what it consists of.

·       Russians have not yet learned that the death of Navalny and food shortages are closely interconnected.

·       The Kremlin is following in the footsteps of Hamas. It proclaims it is ready to make peace with its enemy Ukraine and then only in the footnotes says that its demands include the doing away with Ukraine altogether.

·       The Duma is about to approve a bill that will leave to Russians only dying stumps. Everything else will either be stolen by NATO or already is controlled by the oligarchs or the Chinese.

·       Serfdom was abolished in Russia in March 1861, but slavery has not yet been.

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