Sunday, March 10, 2024

Ingush Militants Seek ‘Escape from Russian Occupation,’ ILA Member Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Mar. 7 – In the wake of a violent clash between Ingush activists and Russian siloviki in Karabulak March 2-3, a member of the Ingush Liberation Army (ILA) says that his organization has as its goal “the escape from [Russian] occupation” and appeals to all Ingush to help or at least not betray members of his group.

            (For his statement, see -ingushskoj-osvoboditelnoj-armii-nazval-czelyu-ingushskih-boevikov-vyhod-iz-okkupaczii/; for background on the Ingush Independence Movement and the ILA, see; and for the recent clashes, see

            In a video clip, Abdullah Egi, who identified himself as an ILA combatant, said that he and his fellow mujahidin will continue the fight, hope for the support of the Ingush people, and will continue their “jihad for the destruction of the Evil Empire” and the triumph of the Islamic values the Ingush nation has always supported.

            (On those values, which include moderate Islam, and the Ingush Independence Movement and ILA’s attachment to them,  see

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