Saturday, January 20, 2018

Putin Regime has an Ideology But It’s Repulsive and Repellant, Sedov Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, January 20 – Many Russian liberals insist that the Putin regime has no ideology, Yegor Sedov says; but they are wrong: It has an ideology, albeit a repulsive and repellant one whose seeds are now coming to flower as weeds like the attacks in the schools and against all kind of minorities.

            The Moscow commentator lists six core elements in the Putin ideology, none of which is attractive but all of which are being impressed on the Russian population through the unceasing efforts of the regime and the media it controls ( They include:

1.      “Tolerance for the most bestial lying if it is ‘patriotic.’”

2.      “Suspiciousness toward all-human values.”

3.      “Particular hostility toward empathy if it is not expressed toward itself.”

4.      The notion that Russia is surrounded by enemies.

5.      A belief that “’archaic things are good while civilization is bad.’” Thus, democracies may have “better arms, but on the other hand, we are more spiritual!”

6.      A generalized hatred of others even if they aren’t directly interfering in one’s own affairs.

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