Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Pro-Ingush Protest in Petersburg Dispersed by Russian Police

Paul Goble

            Staunton, November 26 – Ingush demonstrators joined by the Vesna Art Group today unfurled a banner on the Akhmat Kadyrov Bridge in the Northern Capital declaring that it “belongs to Ingushetia.” The action, the day before the Russian Constitutional Court is set to hear an appeal on the September 26 border accord, was quickly suppressed by Russian police.

            But it was not suppressed before it could attract more attention in the Russian media to the Ingush cause than the protests in Ingushetia have up to now. (See, with references to such stories, kavkazr.com/a/29622380.html kavkazr.com/a/29621778.html , rosbalt.ru/piter/2018/11/26/1749025.html and  rosbalt.ru/piter/2018/11/26/1748962.html).

            Another effort by someone, probably the Chechen government of Ramzan Kadyrov, to control the news about the border agreement came last night when Agora’s Irina Khrunova reported that there had been anonymous threats against the head of the World Congress of the Ingush People (graniru.org/Society/Law/m.273969.html and inkazan.ru/news/society/26-11-2018/advokatu-agory-ugrozhali-pered-sudom-po-sporu-ingushetii-i-chechni).

                Two other developments in this dispute over the last 24 hours include:

·         The initiative group for a referendum filed documents as promised to hold one about the border accord (kavkaz-uzel.eu/articles/328380/).

·         A former policeman in Ingushetia was shot as part of a blood feud there, a reminder of how many guns are in private hands and how close to the surface violence can be (capost.media/news/mainhotnews/v-ingushetii-iz-za-krovnoy-mesti-rasstrelyali-eks-politseyskogo).

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