Friday, April 24, 2020

Numbers of Coronavirus Victims and Violations of Anti-Epidemic Rules Both Up in Ingushetia

Paul Goble

            Staunton, April 23 – Over the past week, the number of Ingush residents who have been diagnosed with the coronavirus and who have been hospitalized or died has continued to rise, but so too has the number of the republic’s residents who are violating the rules that the government has imposed to prevent the spread of the disease, the Serdalo newspaper reports.

            Some of the violators think they are showing their lack of any fear of death, the paper continues, “but to die from such a frivolous disregard of basic measures for health security is not heroism but stupidity” (

            The paper felt compelled to publish this editorial after local police last Sunday uncovered a large party of Ingush in the Dzhyrakhsk district who were having a shashlik party. Ordinarily, such gatherings would be the occasion for positive comments, an indication that despite everything the Ingush people are still capable of having a good time.

            “But not now.”  The police explained to those assembled that they were in violation of quarantine restrictions that allow for people to go to nearby stores for their needs but in no way permit such large public gatherings for parties. And then the police gave notice to 17 in the group that they would be charged with violations of that order.

            One must give the police their due, the editors of Serdalo say.  They were patient and polite in their explanations.  The Ingush people should listen to them: it is after all for their own good.

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