Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Ingush Officials Refuse to Issue Death Certificate for Coronavirus Victim So They Don’t Have to Give a Reason for His Passing

Paul Goble

            Staunton, May 19 – Khasan Katsiyev, an Ingush activist currently under detention, says that he and his family face an impossible situation: “My father de facto is dead; but de jure, he is still alive” because officials don’t want to issue a death certificate because they don’t want to list the coronavirus as the cause.

            Katsiyev says that his father suffered from all the symptoms of the virus and that medical personal, whom he described as “heroes,” treated his father for the disease. The problem has arisen because of government officials fearful of boosting death rates from the pandemic (

            Meanwhile the case against a Magas doctor for conducting surgery leading to the genital mutilation of a nine-year-old girl continues to spark anger within the republic and beyond, but it has highlighted not only that there is no specific Russian law against this barbaric crime but also that if the doctor is convicted under another one, she will only pay a fine of no more than 40,000 rubles (560 US dollars).

            The doctor initially admitted conducting the surgery but then changed her testimony saying that she had removed a cyst. What will happen next is unclear as the case has been suspended because of the pandemic ( and

            Meanwhile, despite the coronavirus, the spring draft in Ingushetia, which is to take 400 young men for military service, is continuing (; but Muslim leaders have tol the faithful not to engage in any public activities at the end of Ramadan (

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