Monday, May 25, 2020

Moscow, St. Petersburg May Have Plateaued on Virus But Rest of Russia Mostly Seeing Increases

Paul Goble

            Staunton, May 24 – With the coronavirus, Russia is engaged in a real not “hybrid” war, Yuliya Latynina says (; but it isn’t making equal progress across all sectors. The two capitals appear to have plateaued, but many regions are still seeing an acceleration in the number of cases (

            Today, officials said, Russia registered 8599 new cases, bringing the total so far to more than 340,000; and the number of deaths – 154 – set a one-day record ( and

            The situation beyond the ring road is dire. Vladimir Putin and his government have singled out the deteriorating state of the pandemic in Daghestan; but other predominantly Russian regions may be suffering even more. In Yaroslavl, people are so angry at official failures to help, they have appealed to Putin to fire their governor (

            In contrast to the West where medical professionals who wear masks and suffer lower infection rates. In Russian hospitals, because of a lack of masks and other protective gear, doctors and nurses are suffering disproportionately ( and

            Meanwhile, other pandemic-related news from Russia today includes:

·         Russians are being advised by travel agents not to make plans for vacations this summer because the pandemic’s course is still too unpredictable (

·         Evidence is mounting that family violence among Russians under quarantine is increasing and that the prospects are that divorces will accelerate too once people can leave their homes (

·         Russian export of oil continues to fall, down 25 percent during the first 20 days of May compared to the first 20 days of April (

·         Russian officials are discussing the possibility of imposing a ban on private ownership of gold as a means of restraining what they expect to be a spike in inflation once self-isolation protocols end (

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