Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Emigres form Committee for Ingush Independence

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Jan. 9 –Ingush political emigres in Turkey calling themselves the Committee of Ingush Independence launched a telegram channel on January 2 ( and held a congress on January 7 (

            Details about the group are sketchy beyond its demand for the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ingushetia, international recognition of the genocide conducted against them during World War II and in 1992, and complete independence if the Russian Federation dissolves into chaos.

            With the exception of its leader whose name is unknown to Ingushetia’s Fortanga opposition newspaper, the members of this group have not identified themselves and spoke to journalists only on condition of a promise of anonymity, citing concerns about their own security.

            Predictably, the move, the latest in a series of moves by non-Russian emigrations in this direction, was welcomed by anti-Moscow Chechens ( and denounced by pro-Kremlin Russians ( As far as one can tell, the Committee remains a virtual phenomenon rather than an organization with groups inside the republic.

            But it is nonetheless important as a sign of the continuing deterioration of relations between the Ingush people, on the one hand, and Moscow and their own Moscow imposed governor, on the other ( and

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