Monday, January 30, 2023

Only Half of Residents of Russia Actually Took Part in 2021 Census, Kazan Historian Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Jan. 27 – In 2002 and 2010, approximately 93 percent of all the residents of the Russian Federation took part in the census; but in 2021, that figure fell to about 50 percent, Gulnara Gabdrakhmanova says, making the results Moscow is reporting extremely difficult to accept or use.

            The scholar at Kazan’s Institute of History says that only 40 percent spoke with census takers and another 10 percent did so online, according to recent surveys. And when the half who didn’t were queried, 46 percent said census takers never showed up, and 20 percent said they simply didn’t want to take part (

            This is the latest revelation about problems with the 2021 Russian census, but it is unlikely to be the last as ever more commentators and experts are examining the data and identifying the problems of a census that was conducted during a pandemic and in new ways, both of which seriously reduced its coverage and hence its reliability.

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