Thursday, January 12, 2023

Russia Rapidly Approaching Point at Which a Revolution Becomes Likely, Gallyamov Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Jan. 9 – Revolutions occur, Abbas Gallyamov says, when “the actions the authorities take to prevent” such a development frighten people more than the prospect of a revolution does, a situation that Russia is approaching because of the counterproductive actions of the powers that be.

            The often hysterical words of pro-Kremlin politicians and commentators, the former Putin speechwriter says, are having an effect very different from what the powers that be would like. They are “creating in people the feeling that a terrible end,” such as a revolution, “may be better than horror without end” (

            If it is to be successful, Gallyamov continues, efforts to counter a revolution must look “more respectable” and desirable than a revolution itself. But now Russian leaders are frightening people more than the prospect of a revolution does, not because of their stupidity but because of their conservatism.

            When a society needs change and especially when these changes are long overdue but when at the same time the regime refuses to implement them, then, “at some point,” the leaders take actions that make the situation worse, actions that are “irreversibly stupid and brutal,” the commentator says.

            And then a revolution becomes possible even likely. That is where the current rulers of Russia are driving the country.

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