Sunday, January 8, 2023

Russian Complaints about Non-Russian Names of 2023’s First Babies Lead Non-Russians to Call for De-Nazification of Russia

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Jan. 7 – Most of the time people don’t pay too much attention to babies born to others, but at New Year’s, many media outlets feature stories about the first child to be born in the region where their audience is located. In Russian cities, the first child is often a non-Russian who has been given a non-Russian names, and some Russians are outraged.

            Those angry about the appearance of such children with their names linking them not to Russia but to their own nations have been filling the Internet with complaints so vicious and racist that it has now sparked a response by non-Russians (

            In some cases, the non-Russians have simply called on Russian to show better manners; but in others, they have said that the Russian reaction to their children’s nationality as manifested in their names shows that Russia not Ukraine is where de-Nazification is needed, pointedly reminding the Russians involved that their children are fighting in the Russian army

            And in at least one case, Novyye izvestiya reports, one non-Russian has said that she is so angry about Russian reactions that she will do everything possible to ensure that her children study in a country where fascism has been defeated and denounced, Germany, rather than in Russia, where it hasn’t been either.

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