Friday, April 7, 2023

Average Age of Russians Left without Arms or Legs from Putin’s War in Ukraine 27, Russian Official Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Apr. 5 – Russian officials have been tightlipped about how many Russian soldiers are returning home without arms and legs, but now Deputy Industry and Trade Minister Yekaterina Priezzheva has acknowledged that the average age of such victims of Putin’s war in Ukraine is 27.

            That means not only that these casualties was four when Putin came to power but that they will be part of the human landscape of Russia long after Putin passes from the scene, perhaps even longer than the victims of Russia’s earlier wars were, and that they will be both a financial and a psychological burden for decades to come (

            Commenting on this Serpom Po report, analyst Anton Nevzorov says that despite official silence, the arithmetic for calculating how many invalids there will be is “quite simple.” “For everyone killed, there are wounded. Of these, a third will come back in wheelchairs because they have lost their arms or legs.

            “How many of these will there be?” Nevzorov asks rhetorically. “Many, very many Many more than was the case among the so-called ‘Afghans’ and ‘Chechens.’ Almost everyone has PTSD, many will take drugs and commit crimes. There is nothing new in this [for Russia]. Only the size of the problem is much bigger.”

            “And who arrange all this?” Who says that everything is going according to plan? One man alone now hiding in his Kremlin bunker.

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