Monday, April 3, 2023

Patrushev’s Words Not Ravings of a Madman but Typical Calculation of the Terminally Ill, Eidman Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, April 1 – The words of Russian Security Council secretary Nikolay Patrushev about the looming collapse of the US and the EU aren’t “the ravings of a madman” as some think, Igor Eidman says. Instead, they are the product of “the logic of a terminally ill person who can only hope for a miracle.”

            After a patient is told he has only months to live, the dying man is “ready to pay any charlatan who promises to cure him” because only a miracle “can bring salvation,” the Russian commentator says – even though it is increasingly obvious to everyone that no miracle is on offer (

            Patrushev and other members of the Putin elite “have nothing more to hope for than a miracle. At first, they hoped for the army and navy, then for rockets with which they tried to ‘bomb Ukraine back to the 18th century,’ and then for Prigozhin’s criminals. But nothing worked” – and so they are looking for a miracle, a deus ex machina that will same them.

            That is an entirely typical pattern, Eidman says. “In April 1945, Hitler also hoped for a miracle, and when Roosevelt died, he believed it had occurred and now the anti-Hitler coalition would disintegrate and he could avoid defeat. But the Fuhrer’s joy was short-lived and a couple of weeks later, he committed suicide.”

            “Miracles don’t happen,” at least not in such situations, the commentator continues. And as a result, “Putin and his camarilla will face the fate of their Nazi predecessors.” Patrushev and his ilk have only “one way to save their own skins – hand over Putin to the Hague” and hope not for a miracle but for the best.

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