Thursday, November 9, 2023

Russian Spies Expelled from European Countries Complain to Putin about Their Poor Treatment in Russia

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Nov. 5 – Many groups in Russia today routinely appeal to Vladimir Putin to solve their problems. But one of the most interesting cases involves GRU officers who have been expelled from European countries for spying and who are now having difficulties fitting in now that they are back home.

            The Insider portal has obtained a copy of this collective appeal of GRU officers to Putin in which it reports, they “complain that in Moscow there is not worthy work for them or places in schools and kindergartens for their children” and are upset that the Russian media doesn’t give them sufficient credit for their work and role in Ukraine (

            The authors of the appeal also tell Putin that “in recent times in a number of pro-Western and world media are appearing articles in which GRU officers are accused of incompetence and inaction and on occasion of gross unprofessionalism” and of personal failures like drunkenness and debauchery.”

            The spies say that these “fantasies” are inflicting “significant harm to our state.” The Insider says it hasn’t been able to find such articles, but another complaint of the GRU officers has been very much in public view – the supposed mistakes in reporting on the situation in Ukraine before Putin launched his expanded war there in February 2022.

            The disgruntled officers say in their letter to Putin that they reported accurately about what Moscow would face in Ukraine but were ignored because of reports by others including Putin  cronies and the FSB and that any mistakes in decision making reflect that rather than failures of Russian military intelligence.


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