Thursday, November 9, 2023

‘We Survived the Germans and We will Survive the Nazis,’ Russians Say

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Nov. 6 – All the talk in Russia today about the Great Fatherland War and Nazism now is leading some Russians to tell one another that “we survived the Germans and we will survive the Nazis,” a turn of phrase that suggests a different reading of history and of the present than Vladimir Putin would prefer.

            That is only one of the new anecdotes Moscow journalist Tatyana Pushkaryova has assembled in her latest collection ( Among the best of the rest are the following:

·       Patriarch Kirill has announced that he has discovered the icon under which the Kremlin was liberated in 1612. The question is will it have the same impact now?

·       A foreign agent is someone connected with the West. A patriot is someone who is connected with China.

·       The only place where Russian national unity has been achieved so far is in cemeteries where everyone lies together, with their feet pointing in the same direction, and everyone happy with everything.

·       Peskov says that “we have only one Putin.” But everyone knows that: the rest of them are doubles.

·       The Russian Duma has proposed giving veterans of the Ukrainian war two hectares in eastern Ukraine but faces the problem that two many of those who went to fight in Ukraine have already been given two meters, the length of a grave.


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