Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Abyss Opens between What Russians Want and What They Expect as Long as Putin is in Power, ‘Khronika’ Poll Finds

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Feb. 24 – A recent poll of Russians conducted by the independent Khronika sociological center highlights what its organizers say is “a large divide between the future people want and the future which they expect under Putin in the future,” a reflection of both popular pessimism about the Kremlin leader and also a breeding ground for opposition to him.

            Khronika sociologists surveyed 1602 Russians at the end of January ( and and found the following divisions among them:

·       85 percent said they did not view any future mobilization in the future as desirable, but 39 percent said they were certain Putin would continue to conduct one.

·       82 percent said they would like to see the conclusion of the war in Ukraine “after Russia achieves its goals,” but 44 percent think that “Putin will not end military actions.”

·       58 percent would like the authorities to focus on the resolution of domestic problems, but 56 percent think Putin won’t do so.

·       56 percent would like to see the lifting of sanctions but 81 percent believe that as long as Putin is president, that won’t happen.

·       And 52 percent say they would like to see a restoration of good relations with Western countries, but only 28 percent think that will be possible with Putin.

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