Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Regular Appearance of NATO Equipment on Patriotic Banners Reflects Deeper Problem in Russian Administration, Markelov Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, Feb. 22 – The appearance of German helmets and NATO equipment on patriotic posters where they are presented as if they were Russian or Soviet has become “almost the norm for Russian regions, Sergey Markelov says, a pattern that reflects a deeper and more serious problem with Russian administration than many may think on first glance.

            Such mistakes, the Russian observer says, often elicit snickers; but they reflect the fact that those who make these mistakes know that the only thing those above them care about is that the task of preparing such materials is completed, not that it is done right (club-rf.ru/43/detail/7240).

            Markelov, who says he has worked in several regions, says the only thing the bosses care about is the completion of projects not correctness. They are certain that the only thing that matters is coming up with something on time rather than doing it right and have convinced themselves that those below them need to be obedient but not use their brains.

            Those who prepare such things will simply offer those above them three choices, and the heads of departments or higher will “simply choose the one they like best and send it off to print.” They will never ask whether the poster is correct; they will only want to know whether it has been produced on time.

            In psychology, he says, there is a term for this phenomenon – “mental blindness,” a problem that affects many governors who “really don’t see the streets covered with snow or garbage lying along the roads they drive on every day.”

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