Friday, December 7, 2018

Typical Corrupt Russian Official No ‘Fat Cat’ but ‘an Energetic 40-Year-Old Man,’ Study Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, December 6 – Many Russian have an image of corrupt officials that is at odds with the reality, according to a new study of the University of the Procuracy General. Such officials are typically not those who sit around and wait for money to flow in but “stressed out and energetic” men who are working hard at their jobs even though they take money on the side.

            Whether this represents an attempt to whitewash corrupt figures by suggesting that they are making a real contribution to the country even if they do take money illegally or whether it is intended to help investigators identify those who are corrupt and thus move against them remains an open question.

            Aleksandr Kurennoy, a representative of the Procuracy, says that the image corrupt officials have among Russians is at odds with the reality.  The corrupt do not always have “the negative psychological features” they are often assumed to have but are in all respects other than their corruption the kind of workers one would want to have (

                According to the study, the representative says, “in fact, corrupt officials as a rule are active and energetic people who display initiative, are very communicative and unbelievably emotionally stable, including in stressful situation, and are capable of working hard and displaying a high degree of self-control. This is the objective picture.” 

            Those who engage in corruption, Kurennoy continues, are “older than people condemned for other crimes,” with the average age of the bribe taker being 40.  They are also mostly men with higher educations and wives and children, and not inclined to abuse alcohol or drugs. Moreover, “they do not disturb public order.”

            Many who take bribes do so not out of greed but rather to raise their status, gain influence and power, and show corporate solidarity.

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