Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Ingush Counter-Extremism Center Warns Khazbiyev Against Organizing Meetings

Paul Goble

            Staunton, July 28 – The brother of Magomed Khazbiyev, the opposition figure who was recently released from prison and then promised to continue his protest activities, says that Magomed was warned during a three-hour session at the Counter-Extremism Center against doing so lest he face further punishment (kavkaz-uzel.eu/articles/338412/).

            This action was clearly intended to intimidate Khazbiyev and other opposition figures, but it is unlikely to be effective for him or for them. A major reason for reaching that conclusion is to be found in the comments posted online about both Khazbiyev’s promise to organize more protests and his being called in for the warning.

            Umar Iovloy, a correspondent for Kavkaz-Uzel surveys many of them; and the one he offers suggest that the Ingush people are neither intimidated nor impressed by this latest action of the authorities. If anything, they may very well now be more committed to protest especially as most of the prominent opposition leaders are still behind bars.

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