Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Sautiyeva Fighting ‘Destruction of Ingush by Moscow, ‘Fortanga’ Portal Says

Paul Goble

            Staunton, July 29 – “The daughter of the Ingush people, Zarifa Sautiyeva, did not stand quietly watching the destruction of her people by the leadership of the Russian Federation,” the Fortanga portal says. “The smart girl with a noble feeling of her own dignity made a choice which wouldn’t be easy even for strong men.”

            “She left the comfort of her life and career and began to defend her people from attacks emanating from one of the Kremlin groups,” it continues. “For this, she has been confined in a Russian prison” because “in the Kremlin they view her as an authoritative political fighter” (

            The portal says that these feelings are expressed by many who have sent messages to it that are being passed on to her, adding that “if you want to take part in a noble affairs, write a letter to Zarifa Sautiyeva” at the following address: 360051 г. Нальчик, ул. Вологирова,20, СИЗО №1, Саутиевой Зарифе Мухарбековне, 01.05.1978 г.р.

            Three aspects of this are important: first, it is yet another indication of how Sautiyeva’s detention is becoming a mobilizing event among the Ingush; second, it shows that ever more Ingush see the basic clash not being with their own republic leaders but with Moscow; and third, it suggests that the opposition remains organized despite all the arrests that have occurred.

            Sautiyeva, it will be remembered, a curator and activist, is the first woman the authorities have arrested during the current wave of unrest in Ingushetia. Groups both in the republic and in Moscow have called for her release, but the powers that be show no signs of being willing to compromise on this point. 

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